“We’ve created a solid universal solution for saving items for later”.

Shoptagr founders, Jonathan and Ronen met back in 2012 while working at a Startup as employees. Jonathan filled the position of Head of BD and Ronen was CTO. They both have great experience within building and launching Startups in the past and while working side by side, the duo formed an instant bond over their passion for the Ecommerce space and launching their next Startup.

One day Jonathan told Ronen about how his wife could spend hours manually saving and organizing URL’s for the brand styles she wanted, and this really inspired them to create a solid universal solution for saving items for later.

While ecommerce is an important and rapidly growing market, the way consumers currently shop is fundamentally flawed. Between retailers using special pricing software that results in price changes far more frequently than consumers can keep track of, an overloaded inbox, and many missed shopping opportunities, online shopping can be really frustrating. Shoptagr.com should be the answer to all of those problems, streamlining your shopping down to just a couple of clicks.

Jonathan is business oriented with a flair for Business Development, Product Design and Online Marketing, and Ronen is the ‘Techie one’ with talents within Coding, Product Development and Project Management. In that way they both really complement each other as a team.

A bit over three months later, Jonathan and Ronen traded in their day jobs, to pursue their next venture full time. Shoptagr is then launched and the rest, they say, is history.