Shoptagr elevates your ecommerce shopping experience and breaths new life into the way we shop and save. It’s a simple tool combined with a great platform and powerful technology that lets you save and track products from the world’s most popular shopping sites to one single place. We’ll automatically inform you in real time when those products go on sale, are about to sell out or when they come back in stock, right down to your preferred size and color. You can easily create lists of items you may want to buy and share your findings with friends to get their feedback. Let’s start your shopping wish list.



Saving items while shopping is oh-so-easy. Just connect the button to your bookmarks bar and click it when you see an item you want to save to your wish list, but aren’t quite ready to buy. We’ll then keep a track of this for you and be sure to tell you once it’s reduced in price, are about to sell out or if it comes back in stock.



When you click the Shoptagr button while browsing products on stores we partner with, that item will be added to your list. It’s then over to us! We’ll take care of the rest!

Frequently asked questions

  • The basics

    • What is Shoptagr?

      Shoptagr is shopping the smarter way. If you’re an online shopper who loves to browse before you buy, someone who is hesitant to commit to purchase items at full price for fear of a price reduction and not knowing when that sale may come, then let us help you with your ‘click to cart’ shopping dilemmas. Shoptagr is exactly the tool you need. Simply drag our widget to your browser’s bookmarks bar and when you spot something fabulous, just click the +TAG button to save the item to your wish list. Shoptagr will then track this selected product and inform you as soon as it’s available on sale in your required size and color. We’ll send you an email and/or push notification telling you exactly when the price drops, so you can be sure to be the first shopper to swoop in and grab that dress, perfect bag, jewelry item, etc – before it sells out!

    • What is the Shoptagr button?

      The Shoptagr button is a bookmarklet / add-on for your bookmark browser which lives in your top navigation toolbar tab on your homescreen, and it will soon become your new best buddy. It acts as your ultimate money-saving, style-savvy online shopping companion. When you spot clothing or accessory items that take your fancy, simply click the +TAG button to save them to your wish list and you’ll be notified immediately when these desired items you love drop in price, according to your personal settings.

    • Does the Shoptagr button work with all browsers?

      Our Shoptagr button covers most, and all of the major browsers, including: Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari and Firefox.

    • Do you have a Shoptagr mobile or iPad app?

      Not yet, but watch this space…

    • Can I save items on my Smartphone?

      You can easily view your items on your phone and once you receive a sale alert, you can also purchase through your phone on the retailers website. The +TAG experience though is currently not optimized for mobile devices, but will be in the future. For now you can +TAG items on your laptop or desktop computer.

    • How do I buy an item that is saved on my list?

      Simply click the ‘BUY’ button and you’ll be taken directly to the relevant trusted retailers website. It’s that easy! We will soon also have a universal shopping cart, which will allow the process of purchasing multiple items much easier for you.

  • Tagging, Editing and Deleting Items

    • How do I save an item and add it to my dashboard?

      It’s almost effortless to add an item to your dashboard. Visit one of your favorite shopping sites and find an item you want to watch. Select your desired size and preferred color, then simply click the +TAG button in your bookmarks bar and a pop-up will appear. Set your preferences and Tag the item. Your item will then automatically appear on your dashboard under ‘My Tags’.

    • Can I change my item settings once saved to my list?

      Yes of course. You’re in control! After you have saved an item to your wish list, this can be found on your bookmark tab / dashboard and amended easily by clicking it and changing the settings. You can also move the item to another list or choose to change when you are notified.

    • Can I move an item to another existing list?

      Yes you can. Simply find your item on your bookmark tab / dashboard and click it to change the settings. You can then move the item to another existing list of your choice by choosing another list name and save your settings.

    • What if the Shoptagr button draws in an incorrect image or wrong information?

      If this happens, please contact us and we’ll be at your service to fix this as quickly as possible. Contact us at support@shoptagr.com.

    • Can I add the Shoptagr button to another computer or browser?

      Yes, you can add the +TAG button to as many browsers and computers as you’d like. You can for example add the +TAG button on your private computer in addition to your work computer. If you are logged in via your private computer and wish to tag desired products from another computer, simply log in through the bookmarklet and you’re ready to +TAG and shop away!

    • How do I save an item on my iPad or iPhone?

      It’s currently not possible to +TAG an item on portable devices, but you can always access your wish lists, view your liked items and purchase through the online retailers at any time. We are currently developing a solution for smartphones and tablets.

    • How do I delete an item?

      Simply ‘Filter By List’, choose the desired list, then select the item you wish to delete. Hover over the product and click the ‘X’ in the top right corner of the item. Then confirm by clicking ‘yes’. The product will then be deleted.

    • How do I delete an entire list?

      If you wish to delete an entire list, select ‘Filter By List’ then choose the list you would like to delete. Once you have chosen the relevant list, a button on the right appears stating ‘Delete This List’. Click this to confirm, then the entire list will be deleted.

    • How do I create a new list?

      Before tagging and saving an item, you have the option to create a new list. Simply click the drop down named ‘Add To List’ and select 'Create List’ and press enter. You can then title your new list. It’s as simple as that!

    • How do I know if an item has gone on sale?

      The second the specific item you are watching goes on sale; we will alert you by sending you an email. When viewing the items on your dashboard, you’ll also see that the item is marked as ‘On Sale’ in green.

    • Can I receive notifications on my phone?

      Yes of course. If you wish to receive sale alerts directly to your phone, simply go to ‘My Settings’ and confirm your phone number to start receiving alerts through text messages. We will obviously not share your mobile number with anyone else and you’ll be safe in the knowledge that you’ll definitely never miss a sale again on the fabulous fashions and perfect products that truly matter to you.

    • I’m clicking the Shoptagr button, but nothing happens?

      First please ensure that your Internet connection is working. Depending on your Internet speed and other factors, it occasionally may take a few seconds for the bookmarklet tool to load. You can also try to close down your browser and open it again. If nothing is working, please contact our support and we will do our best to resolve this for you as quickly as possible.

    • It says ‘Too Many Options’, when I’m trying to save. What does that mean?

      This can occasionally happen if you are trying to +TAG an item on a page with more than one item. Unfortunately our tool does not support multi product pages, so try to find the single product page. In most cases all retailers have a single product page. We hope you have found the answer to your query. If not, please don’t hesitate to contact us at support@shoptagr.com.